Wednesday, October 28, 2009


ar....Omg lo..

Exam lea..aiks, tired...this few weeks just stay at home to do my revision..Although this is only a short sem then included 3 subject but is not easy for all the diploma students lu..specially me!!

1st day is Company Law....Hm..still ok la, wrote around 4 piece of my head fully with the cases with what section what year what date..which director had been stress man...huh..maolit=="!!

Second day is International Business...What international business stand for? Izzit already mentioned the word "INTERNATIONAL"?? Thats why lu..many factors, activities, system still playing around my brain lea..arrRR!!! What international investment..SWOT analysis..monetary system...organization design...huh..faint~~~ Hm..for this sub, i only know how to do some question o...5 question i only knw 3 question...aiks, u see? charm or not? scare lea..[keep on praying now lu] ><"!!

Third day is Business Communication English.. Is my last day for exam..( which mean today lo..) Hm..damm tired lea..wrote 6 piece A4 paper, is both full page 2 and the half hours..really maolit liao..but is ok for me in this subject..because my writing skills quiet good lu..and have more exprience mar..keke!! Time to more energy..haha!! but feel more free already..suddenly lost all the stress ^^ but then hope this semester result cn get nice2 o..^^ Hungry now..huhu =="!

Now waiting he fetch me lu..yeah~~happy2!! muax..thanks for ur support ya..i feel very sweet o..and also your song, although is only a chinese chores song^^ but is quiet enough for me..^^ muaxXx!!!!

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