Monday, August 17, 2009

today?? tomorrow??

actually i dunno how to describe my feeling nw...

Monday, August 10, 2009


Tomorrow is my exam week stress nerh..
this semester was very very busy than other semester..what BUSINESS LAW,TAXATION...huh...
make me feel tired and headache nerh..
today stay at home do my revision..
just now i was cried..
dunno what for...
bcoz of the song and the lyric was sad mar?? another meaning thr??
i hate...
i dislike ...
i really dunno what i need and wants nw..
last time de ting ting get lost jor??
i cant find my way...feel very confuse...
because of what??
who make me will b like that??
i hate promise..i hate what dependency..i hate you changed so fast...
what 4ever also cheat ppl 1...
i wont be the second stupid anymore..
no next time...feel tired....i just want to delete my memories...y so hard 1??
i already plan after this diploma i wont stay at here anymore...
so sadly...
i really dunno what is my next step...
u always make me smile and cry..
bt nw i will make u regret...
let u knw that u r wrong..was totally wrong..
God..bless me.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

to my best ji mui>>pei san

dear..i feel very sorry with you..even tho u said is nt my fault..
sorry..i cannot help u do anythings..i knew u dun want cry in front of me..
u said u wan b strong..i knw that..
i knew that was vry hurt..i ever tried before..
what is forever?? what is stand for??
i also dunno..i only knw that if you really believe in that word, lastly fall down and feel pain or hurt was you.. him..
every promise are such like rubbish..
when feel dun need it then throw..nt even to think their feeling..
pipu..u think carefully...
no matter what i will support u..
im here..ok??


你撐著雨傘 借我那次 已經足夠我 記得一輩子
我懂後來你不是不堅持 愛情本來就 沒萬無一失

淚水離開了 你的手指
那不如讓它 流在這信紙
我想女孩子 最貼心的是

我最幸福的事 當過你的天使
趁鼻酸能掩飾 讓我們像當時擁抱最後一次
最幸福的事 吹蠟燭時你總為我許願的手勢
為摯愛的人 在左邊心口保留位置 是最幸福的事

可惜愛不是 童話故事 不能夠永遠 依賴著王子
才慢慢認識只剩兩個字 我怎麼忍心 為難你解釋

我最幸福的事 當過你的天使
趁鼻酸能掩飾 讓我們像當時擁抱最後一次
最幸福的事 吹蠟燭時你總為我許願的手勢
為摯愛的人 在左邊心口保留位置 是最幸福的事

那一陣子有你 美的不像現實

我最幸福的事 牽著你的日子
一段愛從開始 直至分開我們都對彼此誠實
最幸福的事 對那片海用力大喊永遠的樣子
想得起的事 那天和你傻笑著認識

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

miss u my dear fren >>CONNIE<<

sister,miss u here..
even tho u r nt here..
but u always b in my heart..
feel vry sad..
i'm still remember last time u teach n help me ..
u ask me dun sad n cry bcoz of him..
u ask me dun feel dissapointed bcoz of him..
u ask me dun leave church bcoz of him...
and many...
now i reli cn do it..
but why u was not here??
i promised myself wont cry in front of u 2day..
coz nickie said u dislike we cry in front of u..
thank you that everything u support me before..
i wont 4get bout that..
love u this fren..
miss u!!