Thursday, October 8, 2009

busy week......

Just done my Business Communication English assignment but then no more time to rest because Company Law & International Business Assignment is coming. Huh..stress man!! This semester is a short sem, every assignment and test, quiz also took it with a short period. Now ready for my exam lu..20 Sept..ARrrrr!!!! What is my feeling now? Dunno how to describe, nthing can mention here, just hope can give me more time to handle it..thats all! But impossible..scare my result o! last sem result quite weak, feel very 2 subject! Sad..cried 1 more weeks u knw? Its like u really got put in ur effort u cant see ur result...any reply from your effort there. Why?? Izzit my study way was wrong? Take note, remember the key point, go home do revision some more,but lastly what i get it? Moody.. i need to take action already. This sem result sure PASS!! I promise!!! May God Bless Me...HEal me too! Thanks God...^^

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