Monday, September 28, 2009


昨天被弟弟痛痛快快的骂了一顿,哈哈。。感觉还蛮不错的,但有点惭愧。每次只会安慰别人,只会劝别人 但却把自己搞得一塌糊涂。 这次真的醒了,不再做傻事了。。谢谢你哦弟。。。^^
一切都跑回原点,生活变得较有规率。 每天早睡早起〉〉上学放学〉〉 煮饭洗衣〉〉温习.. 蛮自在的。。哈哈! 姐答应你不再到那些地方了,ok? 也不会再受他的影响。 将自己保持在最佳状态,不让他们看扁自己!! YEAH...I will find my way, wanna different way..^^ i will keep upgrade myself without u..stupid 080308..haha!! Bye bye lu...

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is pupipu..haha, he is my handsome dd ^^

me, pipu and wong

im scare..........OMG
frenships 4ver^^

pretty pipu

nice blackground + pretty gal ( pei san)

lets play chess

haha...i like this ^^


just finish ate break1st..hohoho

nice pose..haha!!! Vin liao...

muax...hehe, sweet kiss

piece ^^

ss at cp toilet..haha

3 flowers..haha

come dance 2gether ^^

happy2~~haha, i miss the day of we hang out together..( my best pretty pipu, pupipu DD and sopo wan wan ^^)
no grapvine..haha, thats good!!
no more things can notice just shared me happy photo to everyone..muax!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya...

Huh..just arrive home..damm tired o..but very happy because can helped daddy and get extra pocket money somemore..Now, i cant use/find any word to describe my life nw..was become stable? or lonely? Hm..but for me i feel very enjoy now. Can do everything i need ask for permission..haha!! yesterday gt a weird customer, made me so angry o..he took my picture without my permission u know?? Huh..what the hell, that time i was very busy because my kakak came back for her town..Shit!! So weird lo...LOLX!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

no title for today..

ANGRY!! What kind of problem are u making now? please respect urself if u want others respect u too!! Im WARNING here now, if i know that u still hurt my fren without some childish reason, dont say i dint or dont want give u a chance. You can wrote everythings at blog there means that u wont scare how was people looking at you, so i also no ned give any face to u too!! If u want to give comment or what please check or look for your condition, like what i am mention just now!!! "respect"!!!! Now i shut my mouth doesn't mean you can talk anything as u want..dont make me angry!!! Lolx..!!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

izzit can called NEW LIFE??

Finally....i bcome single again..huh...i need a long rest and heal myself my result for this semester...all SOT..AR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats wrong with me?? I promise god and also myself will concentrate on this nervous...need money again...always think that some of people they are rich but never appreciate what they have?? Got money really can help u done so many things u know? But they only know how put in their money into some nonsense things...lolX!!! They No need think bout the fees of textbook, repeat fees somemore...because what?? Their parents are rich..can cover all the fees..even tho is a big amount...Then me?? Feel so useless, i really tried my best to study hard...but i always get the result was make me disappointed 1...that is a big affect to me u know?? Stress......
God, i pray with u every u listen to me?? I need u..................really...