Monday, February 22, 2010

23 FEB

Special day for today nerh..dear, 4 months lu..keke!! I am glad together with u..miss u a lot, muacks!! Love you ya ^^

Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinese New Year~

Yesterday went to dear's house dinner with his family. Feeling not bad..but i was moody. I really hope can angry with you but i cant, very hard to angry with you..will you know it? This few days feel like weird, maybe you was busy until your mood also become easy to angry and hot. Sometimes you like suck a kid, really hard to angry you la! But dear, why sometimes I don't know what are thinking..feel useless..i always scare will make you feel very "FAN". Knew that you will bring me to KL on this July and already booked ticket for it, I was very happy..really! Said honestly, I was very gan dong...maybe for you is a little small things but for me this is never be a small thing. Miss you here but you dint find me..feel like you are moody but you wont tell me the reason. Sad~~Yesterday accompany your parents went to market buy ingredient, she was ask me many things..she tot we are quarrel. On that time I don't how to answer her even the real answer is No. 感觉那时候真的好像沉入谷底似的。。dunno..with no reason..Saw that you will always visit her blog and leave some comment but then i think you never do like that for me..izzit this is call "jealous"? lolx..i think so..i care it! I was care it very much..sad..really sad o..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just finish class now stay at computer lab for doing my assignment. This few weeks dint update my blog because there no reason..maybe busy and moody gua. I feel like cant recognize myself and don't know what i want. useless lea. Chinese New Year is coming on next Sunday, just hope can get many angpau to cover all my school fees. Stress...many things haven work and process it. $$$$$$$$$ i hate u la money!!!Why most of the things need $$$$ one? If I am rich I wont let my parents work so tired, they no need wake up early to prepare the ingredient for their business. Although Chinese New Year they also no need sell the yam pork to earn extra money, my heart was painful u know? Yesterday helped them cut the yam and ready all the ingredient, saw their face was look like tired but have to work hard to earn the money with the reason to pay our school fees. This is love and care for their daughter,heart very very pain..hide in my room and cried myself. I want find him talk but he was busy. This year always unhappy 1..where is my luck? Faster come back here please..i need you!!!