Friday, November 6, 2009

holiday time~~

wooow..done my exam already..start to working at lintas there ^^

Now back to my office, miss all my staff and also my manager - Connie.. Now my position is a sales person and the main job is increase the sales of broadband.

Monday~ is the first day that i started to work. Firstly, i scared that i cannot even to handle all the information about the broadband and also others new plan bacause all the things was keep on changing, compare with last year everythings was difference. From here i only can reliaze that we cannot stopped the step in at the pass because all of that are pass tense, time wont waiting for us, so we must keep on upgrade ourself like what I am doing now. However, i set a target in my job which is everyday must keep at least 5 sales so that i can achieve the goal then also can get extra bonus and commision too.

Tuesday~ haha, not bad for today. I get 5 sales of broadband lea..i was very happy u know? I am the youngest staff but i still can keep my result as well and say honestly compare with other staff (older than me) i was better than them de lea..haha, happy2~~i always remind myself that must hardworking and be steady when i communicate with customers so that can build a good relationship with them then can get their business too, hohoho!!!

Wednesday~ Sick but also is very funny for today. Feel not very well when i woke up this morning, very faint and hot. No wonder la..i fever already..=="!! But i still went to work because i dun skipped my job and also dont want loss my sales($$$) too, even thought he keep ask me rest at home and take a leave but i dont want..haha!! I still can handle myself so i cannot waste my time too but i knew that if he heard i said like that sure will angry 1..hoho!! Back to office, tried to eat some biscuit and get back my energy but lastly i was lose. I ate a panadol from my manager then rest awhile than start my work. Although today i was sick but i still can hit my target,feel very happy lea. First time i meet a customer that she was very kind with me. What that the kind stand for?Today i helped a customer sign up a package and also setting her laptop, at the same time she ask me want drink any coffee or not but i answer that no need, is know what she say? She said that no no no~~you helped me settle so many problem i should spend u a cup of coffee and i said never mind because this is my responsibility but lastly she order 10 cups of coffee spend all my staff again. Omg!! funny lea..

Thursday~ Raining day. Huhu..only get 3 of sales lea.. so charm! Its ok..i can get it back..hehe!! jia you o..^^

Friday~ Which is today lu..quite ok la..hehe! Gambateh!!

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