Tuesday, May 4, 2010

random~ 5 May

I am back~~
Long time dint update my blog because was had my final exam for last semester. Now is May, time was pass very fast. Now is a new semester again. SienzZZ..now i totally lost my way. I can't get my next step. My future?? I don't know. Useless..YOU ARE SO USELESS!!! I was sad..I don't want waste daddy's money. Got many times i try want to tell them that I hope can quit for my course but then lastly I dint. I scare..and sad when look for their respond. What should I do now???? Who can teach me? I don't know..really don't know..!!

For my relation is quite ok now. Dear is go back and help his daddy at office so will be very busy and no time to accompany me. IS ok because we still can meet on Friday and Saturday. Dear, you must proof to mummy that you are get ready to help daddy. I believe that you can do it. Miss you a lot..Today is Wednesday, still got two days then can meet la. I don't want think much now. Just hope we can happy~ June is coming la. What surprise should you give me?? Can I make a wish? I wish that we are always happy when together. I wish you can get what you want too. No reason and don't want any present because you are my lovely hubby. Then is enough for me. 5 June, I am waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!

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