Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20 Jan

Just finish cleaned table and everything. Now nothing to do, waiting for his message. He said need time to rest so i dint find him. I always wish and pray for him hope can achieve his monthly target, no need be nervous bout his family's things, and also his car..haha!! He is my first boyfriend that like to modify car 1. Sometimes saw him make his car's part until mid-night still don't want sleep, I really felt heart pain de o. Sometimes I really want to angry but when saw his tired face,I bu she de angry already..haha!! Stupid de o..but he never know that, he said i too stick him..really de mar? Say honestly, really sad I really have to stopped to stick with u..izzit like that? Miss u here but i dun dare to find u..aiks..=="!!

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