Sunday, December 13, 2009

last dec.....

Working working working~~

My 2 months holidays was full with working and take care my dear..
Get my 1st month salary but is not enough to cover my things. Miss daddy mummy and sister..I knew they always worrying me alone at outside but i promise will take care myself and also proof to them what can i do.

Now stay at home take a nap. WUHU~~~just went out with his family and took a nice breakfast then back home lu. Now he was busy to modify his car>>his favourite<<>

Last month he went to Kl because his brother was sick and have to stay at hospital to take a fully body checking and that time he was busy to take care his brother until overnight at hospital. He slept on the table more than slept at hotel..felt very heart pain when I knew from him. After 1 weeks he came back here. He gave me a surprise that make me cant to forget it. Although is a box of love shape chocolate but he took a very funny reaction to give me..haha..very sweet lea..Now i still keep and haven a good memories between us. Happy~~~

Christmas was coming..dont know how to celebrate lea..he said want bring me go National Park o..haha, very happy lea..i want go o..hope this time really can go because last time my ex also said want bring me go but lastly break promise o...@@

My wish for this year:-
- Daddy and mummy can sweet2 to enjoy their life including my 2 oldest sister and also youngest sister lu..
- Can together celebrate his every year o...really hope it...
- My course can be done..pray pray pray~~~
- My friends...pei san, i really hope our friendships can keep it like last time..u are my best friend..i hope u knew it. When u said u are sim tam with me that time i was hurt u know? I knew i was wrong but i really hope u can forgive me...

Lastly...Merry Christmas lu...Muax~~~~~!!!

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